The CryoFacial is a quick, 5 minute facial that generates instant and long lasting results.  We use the hand held wand emitting cold nitrogen gas to create the cryo-effect on your skin.  The cryo-effect is cooling your skin to around 10 degrees Celsius which turns on the bodies’ bio-response of boosting collagen, instantly tightening the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, relieving tension and stress and for some headaches.  While being targeted the cold exposure causes the blood to be sent away, and as we move the cold away the blood comes rushing back—which is cleansing and detoxifying. 

We hear it all day long “Wow!  Who knew cold could be so soothing and relaxing!?” 

See Lindsay's live description of "Frotox" as she demonstrates the quick results on a number of clients inside the Sculpt Studio.


You do not have to remove makeup.  Men and women love this facial because it’s effect and quick.  5 minutes later you feel bright and alert, with tighter skin.  It’s very cleansing and so any puffiness is reduced as well. 

For the absolute best cryo experience:

Try the 3 minute full body chamber followed by a cryo facial for head to toe stress relief, a rebooted feeling and for fresh and alert, tight and glowing skin.



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