IVs and Injections

Get Revitalized,


Matching our commitment to fuel healthy lifestyles, Sculpt infusion and injection therapy takes wellness to the next level.

We staff with experienced Registered Nurses and offer multiple services that enhance your wellness goals.  An IV and a cryofacial, an IV and our infinity massage experience, we have over 12 services to help you feel next level amazing!

Come to our Sculpt Tri-Cities location and choose from multiple services to upgrade your IV or injection experience.


If you aren't up to leaving your bed or couch or want to stay working at the office...


we will come to you!

We know how busy you are and that you don't have time to be down and out.


Myers Cocktail 

⦁ Boosted immune system.

⦁ Less migraines.

⦁ Feeling re-energized.

⦁ Tighter facial skin.

⦁ Achieving a healthy glow.

Hangover Recovery Packages

  • Headache relief

  • Rehydrate

  • Recover energy

  • Assist sleep

  • Nausea relief

  • Recover quicker or prep prior


  • Support your immune system

  • Support recovery from illness

Fountain of Youth

  • Support skin​

  • Combat signs of age

  • Detox support

  • Boost energy


  • Support Dieting and Fat Loss

  • Acne

  • Weight gain

  • Excessive Drinking and Smoking

  • Poor Diet

  • Exercise

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Experience a wide range of add on services such as cryofacials, infinity massage, red light therapy etc.  After booking, we will reach out to customize your visit.


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